We need Net Neutraility - Stop Corporate Control of the Internet

The Corporate world is now talking about putting "tolls" on the superhighway which was normally kept free. What this means is that the consumer will have to pay extra, as we do for HBO or Pay TV. The same exisiting websites that we already get would then become premium service which you and I will have to pay in addition to the monthly fee for Internet service.

Please support legislation to stop ISPs from charging extra fees

AT&T plan heightens debate over Net's future, Mar.7, 2006
AT&T's $67 billion plan to buy rival BellSouth has intensified debate over whether the Internet will remain a wide-open information freeway or a multitiered tollway where preferred content whizzes along in high-speed lanes while other traffic languishes in jams.

Senate bill aims to fight broadband fees
Sen. Ron Wyden on Thursday proposed legislation aimed at preventing high-speed Internet service providers from charging content companies extra so consumers have faster access to their Web sites or receive special treatment.

Future of the Internet highway debated, Feb.26, 2006
On the Internet, the traffic cops are blind — they don’t look at the data they’re directing, and they don’t give preferential treatment. That’s something operators of the Internet highway, the major U.S. phone companies, want to change by effectively adding a toll lane: They want to be able to give priority treatment to those who pay to get through faster.

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