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Millvale is a small town, pop. 4028, nestled between the hills of Pittsburgh. It was settled in 1798 by Capt. James Sample(1756-1830) of the 6th Co. 3rd Battalion. A Revolutionary War soldier that was given as compenstaton after the war, a tract of land along Girty's Run creek on the bank of the Allegheny river.  Here he built the first Grist Mill for the town, which later the first residents here coined the term "Mill" vale for their new town. The town later incorporated in 1868. The Allegheny river which is one of the Three Rivers that intersect the city of Pittsburgh. 

If your in Millvale and want some pizza, just go the Frank's Pizza - it's the best  [map link]


We had another flood in Millvale, 3rd time in 3 years. This time Millvale suffered a flood twice in one month of August '07. The last one which hit us was in '04 when the remnants of hurricane Ivan passed directly over us and took forever to move out. The many residents that live in the center of town suffered the most as this is the located at the lowest point in this valley and the waters were 5ft deep. The creek, Girty's Run,  runs through the center of our town which then feeds into the Allegheny river. Below you can find related news articles, photos, video on some of the web links.


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