my hobbies

If I was retired, I'll still be 'busy at work'--with my hobbies :)

*** Looking for info on the HONEYWELL 1646 Timesharing Minicomputer System, this was our school computer back in the '70s,  please email me ***

Datasheets online [html]

Computer/Electronics Parts Supplier Links [html]

Old Computer Parts List - from my workbench [html]

Vintage Computer Book list [html] coming soon

Info on Electric Cars, Bikes & Vehicles [html]

Info on WiFi & WiMax [html]

Hobby Designs - Several projects that I'm currently working on.

I started a new Robotics Club here in Pittsburgh, have a look

We're currently working on a new project called RoboSwarm.
I started a Yahoo! newsgroup called Pittsburgh Vintage Computer Society for anyone from the Pittsburgh region that's interested in restoring the old computers, feel free to contact us.

Vintage Computing Exhibit at Breezeshooters Hamfest June 1, 2008 - Pics [html]

MARCH club at Trenton Computer Festival 2007 on YouTube

My Computer collection in the Media [html]

Exploring cyberspace since 1976 at Sewanhaka H.S., Floral Park, N.Y. on a Honeywell 1646 Time Sharing minicomputer system

My background - How I got from there to here...