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still exploring cyberspace before it runs out of space... (or get IPv6)

We're located in a small town , Millvale, near the city of Pittsburgh on the Three Rivers. We've been here for the past 6yrs now. There's so many things happening around Pittsburgh , feel free to browse here to find out more.

    Announcement :

Pittsburgh Vintage Computer Exhibit  
Breezeshooters Hamfest

We're holding a vintage computer exhibit at the Breezeshooters Hamfest next month, Sun.Jun.7th. We'll have a bunch of early electronics, computers, and video games from the 70's and early 80's on display - even some that you can play with. We'll have a bigger display than last year with about 25 machines on display. If anyone would like to bring anything for the exhibit, feel free to let me know and I'll make room.

The Hamfest is the largest in the tristate area, also with 30acres of flea market space--only $5 admission. We'll be located indoors in bldg.2. The address is below

So if you're in the western Pennsylvania region, come out and shoot the breeze.

Pics from last year.

Breezeshooters Hamfest
Hours: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Butler Farm Show Grounds
627 Evans City Road, PA Rt. # 68
Butler, PA 16001

please pass this on to anyone you might know that's interested,

News :

My daughter, Mindy,
has just passed her Drivers Permit Test - oh no......

My daughter, Katie, has won 1st place in
the state finals for the 9th grade in the PJAS         Science competition at Penn State Univ. She won a scholarship from the SACP.

Both of my daughters have made it on the High Honor Roll at Shaler Area High School

My daughter, Katie, has won
1st place in the Pittsburgh regional PJAS Science competition for the 9th grade. She won a scholarship from the ACS and the SWE. Her project was Alternative Energy using Recyclable Materials: creating electricity from wasterwater.

We had another flood in Millvale, 3rd time in 3 yrs, twice in the same month (Aug'07)

My daughter, Katie, has been selected by the National Junior Honors Society.

My daughter, Mindy,  has been nominated by the 2006 Pittsburgh Outstanding Young Citizen's committee

We're currently working on a new project called RoboSwarm.

I started a Yahoo! newsgroup called Pittsburgh Vintage Computer Society 
for anyone from the pittsburgh region that's interested in restoring the old computers, feel free to contact us.

I started a new
Robotics Club here in Pittsburgh, have a look

We had a big flood here in Millvale, not since the 30's was there a flood as bad as this in Pittsburgh

Me and my kids moved here to Pittsburgh and started a new life here after getting laid-off from Lucent. 

My YouTube videos [link]

Exploring cyberspace since 1976 at Sewanhaka High School, Floral Park, N.Y. on a Honeywell 1646 Time Sharing system

Hometown  Elmont, NY,  (on Long Island)

If things feel like they are really going bad, just remember, there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.....

The only thing Google can't search yet is your mind, just be glad they don't